digi-escape inc.

What We Do

digi-escape will translate, localize and optimize your website content into highly readable, informative and engaging Japanese. We then promote your new Japanese website with Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing.

To reach Japanese consumers, online exposure is the very first step and the website promotion must be done in Japanese, where content-optimization, including localization and proper keyword selection, is always necessary.If you are having difficulty in getting Japanese customers, modification or Kaizen should be done in these areas and is what we can do for you.

Choose digi-escape as your reliable business partner in Japan
digi-escape inc. is a corporation registered in Japan. We can offer you our online marketing services in Japan as an outsourcer on a white label basis.

English to Japanese Web Localization & Translation

Our highly qualified translators, who reside in Japan to maintain traditional nuances of language, are trained and understand the value of optimized translation and localizations for search engines.

Japanese Content Optimization and Development

There are five stages of development. Web Site Audit is conducted on your website, and the results of the appraisal are summarized into web marketing strategy. The analysis will contain a summary of required changes that must be implemented to ensure a successful website promotion strategy.

The cornerstone of our J-SEO services is essential for your success in online Japanese markets. Your web content must be localized and optimized to match existing online demand generated by keyword phrase search enquires in the Japanese language.

Japanese PPC Management

We provide consulting and account management services for Google AdWords Japan that offers Japanese language pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services.

The ppc campaign can be conducted not only for your Japanese website. Using a Japanese landing page, or your advertorial page on digi-joho Nihongo website, allows you to do J-SEM (Japanese Search Engine Marketing ) without running your own Japanese web site.

Tourism Promotion

Japan Inbound Tourism
digi-escape provides web marketing services for companies in the Travel and Hospitality industry, promoting the country of Japan as a premier tourist destination in Asia (Japan Inbound Tourism). 

Japanese Outbound Tourism
If you market your travel services to the discriminating Japanese tourists, it is highly recommended you translate and localize your web site content into the Japanese language. The online travel industry is very competitive, and your competition is online, but they may not have a fully localized and optimized Japanese language site, that is very Search Engine friendly too. 

We can increase the visibility, and understanding, of your company's travel services to online Japanese tourist market segments. We can develop effective Japanese language keyword phrases that match what Japanese people are actually using in their searches, not gross fabrications by software translations. We have the experience and offer the right blend of localization and search marketing tactics.